Bottle / Tub Filling

Millmount Healthcare offers extensive bottle / tub filling capabilities for tablets and capsules.

Our flexible service provides us with the capacity to pack run sizes from 200 to 60,000 bottles per shift. Fully automated, state-of-the-art machinery produces accurate filling of HDPE or PET bottles.

Why Millmount?

Annual capacity of over 30 million bottles, tubs and containers
3 container filling lines including a selection of capping options
Multi-bottle pack capability with booklet packing

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Millmount Healthcare’s primary packaging capabilities address the bottle / tub filling needs of our manufacturing partners. Multiple bottle / tub filling lines are in place, providing us with the flexibility to cater for both short run and high volume production.


Millmount Healthcare provide fully automated packaging lines which can accommodate multiple presentations and are fitted with serialisation and tamper evident equipment. Coupled with our bottle / tub filling services, we can offer labelling technologies which provide high speed application of standard, multi-panel and wraparound labels.

  • Millmount Healthcare’s capping options include push-on, screw-top, child-safe and senior-friendly
  • Amongst our flexible services is the option for induction sealing
  • Our end of line options range from both shipper packing to banding and shrinkwrapping


All shapes and sizes of bottles and tubs can be accommodated, including in-line front and back labelling and exact filling of HDPE and PET bottles. Our filling processes are completed with coding and cartoning, and also include the insertion of patient information leaflets (PIL).

Air handling systems and on-line dust extraction ensure optimal packing environments.

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